Impact of Large Landslides in the Mountain


B3. Workpackage description
Workpackage number 9

Objectives and input to workpackage


  1. To promote information dissemination that improves public awareness of landslide hazard, through hazard and risk maps, information on typical damage and risk to life and goods, using not obscure and univocal terminology (relevance of metadata)
  2. To improve understanding of public response establishing better knowledge, as an instrument to take the proper decisions about landslide mitigation actions

Input to workpackage:

Data and results achieved in all the previous workpackages, organised to provide technical officials and decision-makers a synthesis of the different risk assessment methodologies improved in the project.

Application to real and exemplifying situations will be illustrated. As not all methods are appropriate for all situations, the assumptions and limitations of each one will be carefully evidenced to help end-users in deciding which methods to apply to particular areas prone to large landslides.

Description of work
  • Analysis and comparison among the different methodologies and results coming from previous work packages in order to draw a sort of guidelines able to evidence assumptions and limitations and recommended applications of each method to proper affected area.
  • Organisation of a final event and local seminars to be held at the end of the project.

D23. Report (to be presented within an international workshop) in which theoretical basis and applications of different methodologies to real situations will be illustrated;

D24. Development of a web site illustrating the entire IMIRILAND project (partners, objectives, results);

D25. Printing on CD media of the previous web site in order to provide a wide diffusion;

D26. Workshop involving both experts technical officials and political managers;

D27. Organisation of seminars at local scale in order to develop in-service training of decision makers and operational staff;

Milestones and expected result

Definition of where and when to held the workshop, the structure of the workshop (how many and which sessions), which should be workshop participants;

Final/draft web site and final report (deliverables D23, D24 and D25 available), organisation of the workshop from a logistic point of view, preparation of seminars at local scale;

Within 6 months after the end of the project: international workshop and seminars at local scale (deliverables D26 and D27 available).