Impact of Large Landslides in the Mountain


B3. Workpackage description
Workpackage number 8
Objectives and input to workpackage

The objectives of this workpackage are:

  1. To review the main responses or mitigation strategies to the different scenarios for some sites and to assess their efficiency, reliability (short term / long term) and cost.
  2. To examine the actual possibility to implement the various strategies, taking account of the economical, social and legal framework of each country.
  3. Comparison of legal framework related to landslide mitigation in each country.

The input factors and data include:

  • Review of main actions decided in some sites in the world that were endangered by a large landslide;
  • Risk assessment as evaluated in WP7;
  • Legal framework existing in each country.

Description of work

For each site, from the knowledge of the most probable scenarios, and from the evaluation of the risk related to each of them, different strategies will be elaborated, consisting of land use regulation, remedial works, monitoring and alarm systems, etc.

The choice of one strategy is a compromise between cost and advantage, to be decided in an uncertain environment and in a given legal framework. We will try to build decision trees in order to make choice of the best-fitted strategies.

We will analyse the processes and responsibilities of decision making in each selected case: who raised the problem? Who decides that geological surveys are to be done? who pays for them? Who takes the decision of action? Who will finance the actions?


D20. Report on legal framework related to landslide mitigation in each country involved in the project;

D21. For some of the selected sites, report on the most fitted strategies, together with their main advantages and disadvantages;

D22. Management guidelines for the relationship among decision-makers, scientists and the people exposed to risk.

Milestones and expected results

Deliverable D20 available;

Review of some strategies used in the past for large landslides risk mitigation cost;

Deliverable D21 available;

Deliverable D22 available.