Impact of Large Landslides in the Mountain


B3. Workpackage description
Workpackage number 6

Objectives and input to workpackage

The objectives of this workpackage are:

  1. To determine relevant criteria to assess the vulnerability of several types of infrastructures, buildings, according to the types of landslides, as well as for the population and for the environment, based on experimented situations.
  2. To fix criteria for risk assessment based first on direct economic consequences, then on indirect consequences (reduction of tourism and economic activity).
  3. To provide computation or assessment methods to determine risk levels which can be used in land planning.

Input factors and data include:

  • Data obtained from WP2 to WP5 in order or assess hazard values or parameters.
  • Data related to infrastructures, buildings and environment collected on different typical sites, which can be affected by movements to a certain extent, in relation to their vulnerability.
  • Theoretical considerations on risk levels related to marginal costs and aversion factors that will be included in the risk assessment procedures.


Description of work

In order to quantify risk levels, three components will be analysed, related to the exposed objects which may be influenced by landslides:

  1. The nature, structure and spatial distribution of exposed objects on the landslides mass or within the exposed zones, with due consideration of their long-tem behaviour.
  2. The sensitivity of these objects to movements, in order to assess how they are directly or indirectly affected by movements.
  3. The value of these objects, in a wide sense, as well as the indirect economical impact of the changes they may suffer.

All these data and analyses will allow to fix reference levels of risk, which will correspond to real impacts in true situations that serve as a basis for land planning actions.

Deliverables D16. Report on the determination of risk levels, which may be considered in the land planning to express the impacts of several types of hazards.

Milestones and expected result

Catalogue of significant risk situations, which will serve as a basis to assess real risk situation in the selected sites;

Methodology for risk assessment which will be presented in scientific publications - deliverable D16 available.