Impact of Large Landslides in the Mountain


B3. Workpackage description
Workpackage number 2

Objectives and input to workpackage

Objectives of this workpackage are:

  • To understand the triggering and evolution of the instability phenomena;
  • In particular, to explain the relations between the landslides and the geological context of some chosen sites.

These objectives will be pursued by comparing different approaches for risk evaluations using existing data sets for each site. Revisions, re-interpretations and implementation of data could be necessary to calibrate the interpretations for each of the chosen sites.

Input to workpackage:

  • Maps and geologic data of each sites (from WP1);
  • Existing regional kinematic and tectonics models;
  • Existing geomechanical models.
Description of work

Calibration of geological and structural data for each site, with the aim of:

  • Linking the different data-sets (geologic, tectonic, geomorphologic);
  • Referring each landslide to a proper local tectonic and/or kinematic model.

Geological modelling of each landslide and surrounding areas, resulting in:

  • Construction of geologic profiles and 3D models at different scales;
  • Evaluation of the actual role of each geologic parameter in the evolution of the landslide.

These should be integrated also by further geologic field work (mapping, structural analyses) or new investigations.

  • D3. Report including the integration and re-discussion of field data for each site, and comparing the different approaches for the choice of the geologic parameters to be used in landslide evolution modelling;
  • D4. Report containing geological, geomorphological and tectonic model for each landslide;
  • D5. Guidelines to be followed for the interpretation of landslides.
  • Milestones and expected result
  • Calibration and re-discussion of field data for each site;
  • Comparison among   different  approaches in  the geologic interpretations of landslides and possible data set implementation (deliverable D3 available);
  • Definition of landslide scenarios based on geological model for each site (deliverable D4 available);
  • Final version of the guidelines (deliverable D5 available).